VAT Exemption Certificate

Please note, that before proceeding with the VAT Exempt Form below, you would need to create an account on our site.

If you believe you are eligible for VAT Exemption, please read the relevant links below,  complete the VAT Exempt Form and submit.

Once submitted, we will be alerted of your request and will proceed to amend your account and set to 'VAT Exempt' as default, when you then proceed to place an order on our site, you will not incur VAT.

If you wish to be exempt from VAT on goods purchased from ourselves, then please do not complete a transaction on our website before receiving a VAT Exempt confirmation email from a member of our Sales Team.

Please note that once you have submitted a VAT Exempt form, this will entitle you to VAT Relief on our products for one year, whereupon the form will need to be completed and submitted once again.

If any problems are encountered, please contact us via email: